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Success Stories

"I went to a run form clinic a few weeks ago, and absolutely loved it! It’s amazing the things Jeremy can tweak to make running a less painless, more productive, good time!”

- Kate

“Jeremy knows how to get you from one mile to a marathon, increase your speed, your power, correct your running form, etc.”

- Jeremy

“Jeremy sets himself apart from other trainers with his great knowledge base, attention to the small but vital details, and his determination to help you continually improve your performance.” 

- Jared

“ I had no experience with ultra running and I was coming off a hip injury but knew I wanted to do a 50 mi trail race in the fall. My goal was to have confidence in the training plan (something I could not have done myself) and Jeremy's goal was to get me there injury free.” 

- Andrea

“Jeremy is absolutely fantastic. Tailors the workout to what I need to work on most.”

- Orien

“I HAVE TOTAL FAITH if I follow the program he crafts that it will give me the highest probability of attaining my goal on race day. Apparently that’s a strong statement – I’ve talked with many triathletes who simply have learned they can’t count on their coach for that level of quality knowledge, workouts, and involvement” 

- Mark

“Felt AWESOME overall!!! Thank you for taking me on this project that is ME. Today, I realized the progress in our training!”

- Kristina

“Thank you SO MUCH...I feel a TON better and have more confidence and more hope...This year’s 10 mile PR is an improvement of over 5 minutes!” 

- Jennifer

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