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  • What is endurance training?
    Endurance Training is a concept describing how someone can use a combination of specific intensity, volume, and frequency of intervals or steady state sessions in a steady state activity to complete a distance or duration at a faster rate of speed. An example is improving your ability to run further before you feel like stopping, or covering 1 mile faster than your previous best attempt. We have helped numerous individuals elevate their endurance fitness level.
  • Who does athlete-minded refer to?
    Any person can be athlete minded, but not everyone chooses to be. It’s a construct of your true self to be able to see potential in yourself to achieve by means of improving your health and your fitness. Furthermore, it’s an understanding that to arrive where you want to be, you need to set a specific plan with a goal and remain persistent in your learning and development to get there. We operate very well like this when we have a personal connection to what the achievement means to us.
  • What is a marathon/triathlon?
    1. A marathon is an event usually held on public roads, running paths, or hiking trails that covers a total distance of 26.2 miles from start to finish. 2. A triathlon is an event of 3 disciplines jointed together in sequence. A few unique distances of triathlons exists, but they follow the same sequence of swim, bike, then run from start to finish. You use specific equipment for each discipline to complete the event. Whether training for your first even or 10th we can provide the right tools to help you achieve your goals.
  • What is run form?
    Run Form is the posture and skill of running. A runner will more likely stay consistent, get fitter in less time, and enjoy the activity more if it feels easier to do. We cover all those objectives with each client until they show a mastery of replicating those skills for every run. Our run form clinics will transform the way you think about running.
  • What is Small Group Training?
    Our small group sessions refer to the 45 minute focused workouts composed of mobility exercises, resistance training, cross-training, and run-form drills. These sessions are composed of 2-3 individuals and professionally guided by their preferred coach and trainer. These workouts use various pieces of free weights, body weight and follow specific structures for a targeted response in your fitness.
  • What are Total Stress Values?
    Training Stress Values are the measurable units of total stress resulting from an individual's training efforts. It serves 3 purposes: 1. Establish an objective and replicable measurement of the stimulus put on the body today and over any extended period of time. 2, helps identify a basis for your coach to decide how to progress a training program. And 3, to measure a recent performance against another past session.
  • What is included in a Movement and Cardio Fitness Assessment?
    The Movement Assessment is a pre-program screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. The Cardio Fitness Assessment is an initial baseline graded-exercise assessment on a treadmill to track a clients’ bodies ability to perform at various intensities as the stimulus increases onto the body while running. It tells us how your body copes with specific levels of training intensity and exactly how close or distant your fitness is at to meet the demands for your goal we identified. This assessment is typically completed within 15 minutes after an extensive and guided warm-up process. Pace, Effort, Heart Rate, Running Power, and Running Metrics are all recorded simultaneously during this assessment to use for individual review.
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