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Thorough Process,  Powerful Results

Our process has been developed to ensure everything we do is aligned with your goals.

Throughout your training, we will be:

  • Tracking Total Stress Values on your body

  • How well your body recovers

  • Mapping your fitness trends 

Our coaches will provide strategic guidance based on these parameters and what you are training for.


Success Session

During the initial Success Strategy Session, we will Identify goals, prior experience, limiters/barriers, and schedule guidelines. This helps set the framework for us to best work within your lifestyle and goals.



We will conduct both a Movement and Cardio Fitness Assessment. During these assessments we will record key performance metrics, establish a baseline for fitness markers, record running form videos and take initial posture pictures.


Build out a framework

This will include outlining the skeleton of your season and identifying where major events, training objectives and what weekly hours will look like for future scheduling. Vacations and out of town trips will be noted during this time as well.


Create weekly individual plans

Every day has a specific purpose within your weekly plans. This includes a detailed description of your sessions and a process of improving your readiness state to get the most out of your training.


Regular coaching sessions

These sessions are used to refine and develop technical skills, improve mechanics, and consult about the state of your training cycle and the future short-term goals you will be focusing on working towards. 

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