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At TrueFit MN we don't exercise, we train. All of our training programs have been created to help athlete-minded competitors achieve their goals and elevate their fitness level, regardless of experience. 

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Endurance Performance Coaching

Program Overview​:

  • We will guide you through an evaluation based on your strategy session goals and objectives. 

  • You will work with a coach who will evaluate your starting point, what needs to be improved, and describe where you will want to be in fitness, strength, nutrition, and confidence.

  • We will identify a working range of available weekly training hours that fits your schedule and helps you balance life, work, and fitness.

  • Your plan is built around your unique needs. It’s built and progressed from week to week to adapt to your progress, unforeseen travel, or sick days. 

  • Communication with your coach is accessible any day via email or phone. Regular planned consultations will be scheduled once a month to go through a deeper analysis of your training data and identify what’s working well and what needs to be modified. 

  • weekly one-hour personal coaching sessions are included to work on muscle activation, corrective training, run form evaluation, and body care for expedited recovery.

Cost= $500 per month

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Run Form Clinic

Do you struggle with...


  • joint pain

  • poor flexibility

  • A feeling of weakness

  • unable to run for long periods of time




  • you wish to learn how to run more efficiently

  • build endurance and strength

Our Run Form clinic is built for you!​

This is the cliff notes experience behind our measurable and proven way to improve your running form, avoid pain, and go further and faster with less energy!
Multiple instructors will educate, demonstrate and help you implement exactly what to do in training to make immediate improvements.
You can expect to cover what to think about and look for in posture, foot-mechanics, mobility, strength, recovery, fueling, and breathing. 

Cost= $150 for 2x- 1 hour  sessions within a 2 week window

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Small-Group Training/Semi-Private

Our weekly Small Group training sessions are perfect for building strength, speed and keeping you accountable to your goals (what is small group training?).

At a 1-3 participant to trainer ratio, you will have detailed guidance on exercises, individual loads and intensity targets, and a high energy supportive group with similar goals to your own. Your trainer will know your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and exactly what you need the most attention on.


Sessions are 45 minutes with several scheduling options each week to fit your schedule. 


1 session per week- $160/mo.

2 sessions per week- $300/mo.

Drop in- $32

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Personal Training

If our semi-private sessions don’t fit your schedule, we can personalize a workout for you that will. This option is great if you have or had pain recently or you have unique needs that require specific attention and feedback to get you back to living vibrantly.

Whether it be manual body care for joint and muscle pain, corrective movements for learning, or working with a running coach on specific concerns about your form, you will leave better than you arrived after this session.

These sessions are 1 hour long and come with a follow-up guidance plan for your continued care for the rest of the week based on the objectives we covered.

Cost= $75 per hour


Team Training

Train together, race together! The best value for providing motivation and accountability. The best part of being a part of a community to empower and endure for collective growth. No matter your goal, from your first mile run to the marathon, we will make sure you find your finish line.

It starts with a proven plan, a team of experienced coaches, and a community of like minded runners. Our goal collectively is to share in providing the experience that you look forward to each week. We love to solve problems. We love to see a change when you make the small wins. We believe in changing lives because fear was never supposed to stop us from achieving our dreams!

Follow here to see how!

Cost= $125/month 

Month to month commitment. No contract.

Endurance Performance Coaching
Run Form Clinic
Small Group Training
Personal Training
Team Training
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