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Progressive Performance Operating System

Your Progressive Performance Operating System is the foundation of everything you do in the realm of your fitness journey and it's the most important system you require if you want lasting success.

Many training/coaching models, approaches, philosophies and tools are available on the market that all promise successful benefits and suggest positive outcomes. Rarely do any of them provide a guiding protocol that reinforce fundamental adoption of commitment, consistency, and focus as forward thinking and progressive performers.

Your Progressive Performance Operating System is your way of being the unbreakable successive achiever who deserves and earns the level of performances and quality of daily life you want to live.

Here's the process:

Step One: Win Your Week

  • Review your previous week on a day of light training load or on the weekend

  • Assess what upcoming obligations and planned workouts you have set up and make a practice of assigning those sessions as appointments for yourself on your calendar. (If it's not on your calendar, it's not a priority)

  • Assess how much time and bandwidth you have to implement planned sessions. If you feel like additional resources would help you in addressing aches, tightness, technique work, or mindset training, then make contact with your coach/resources for additional help.

  • Identify 1-3 Weekly Training Objectives that will move you forward your 6 week and Season Goals.

  • Commit to completing those Objectives on every training session (or as often as possible). If you're not sure how to implement those objectives in your training session, reach out to your coach/resource and be specific with what you need help with.

Step Two: Own Your Day

  • At the conclusion of your day, briefly review your training status, and check out your planned workout details for the following day. Make sure it's scheduled in your calendar.

  • Assess what obligations you're committed to and determine how much time/bandwidth you have to move forward on your goals for the upcoming day.

  • Identify 1-3 Daily Actions that will move you toward completing your weekly training sessions. (Remember, your plan is designed as the optimal dose and order of stimulus needed to move your fitness forward at a safe and effective rate of return if done as planned. Not planning your days or week and reacting is a sure-fire way to get frustrated, anxious and add problems that didn't/don't exist.

  • Commit to completing those PRIORITIES during the upcoming day.

Installing the Step: Plan to Own each of the days in the upcoming week

Step Three: Be A Performer

Every day it's your responsibility to make sure that you are embodying the lifestyle of the type of person you have envisioned for yourself. Everyday you are responsible for getting enough quality sleep, nutrients, water, breath and movement. There is a performance standard that you will have to meet in nearly every training session in order to master your race performances along the season and more importantly, to live the quality of life you desire. Commit to meeting that standard.

Installing the step: Design a baseline standard outline of a day in which you are meeting a level of implementation or consumption of these essential elements to live your best day. Design a standard of warm-up routine that prepares the body and allows you to assess the health of your tissues for that day. Know the general structure of your workout and targets, even if you have automated guidance through your watch. Make a habit of practicing relaxation techniques and some type of meditation for a few moments to focalize your mind periodically. Have your weekly training objectives memorized and at top of mind every day.

Step Four: Create Consistency:

The most successful performers are relentlessly consistent.

This means turning behaviors and actions that are periodic occurrences into regularly repeated ones.

Examples of PPOS Behaviors might be:

  • Writing comments on workouts in TP. Sharing breakthrough performances and lessons learned on your social page to your network or at least to your coach/club. Rating how workouts felt in quality, but also difficulty.

  • Reaching out to fellow training buddies for co-training opportunities or joining group runs.

  • Implementing small focused doses of mobility, strength, and meditation in 10 minute sprints throughout your day to stay fresh, focused, and limber.

  • Reading and Learning skills that can help you improve, vs scrolling an influencer's random content with limited context.

  • Creating meal plans and prepping food in batches once a week

  • Measure/monitor your running efficiency on runs regularly

  • Be 85%+ compliant on your training plans each month

  • Avoid pushing higher than targeted pace/HR/Power targets in workouts (all workouts).

  • Arrive early for strength sessions to implement body care and mobility when able.

  • Support others and be a positive inspiration to those newer to the journey than yourself.

The simplest way to create consistency is to schedule a consistent/recurring appointment for any behavior or action you want to become a consistent habit.

Installing the Step: Pick one action/ behavior that you are committed to being consistent with because it will improve your quality of life and your aerobic engine in the long term. Put it on the calendar for the remainder of this season as some repeatable interval.

Step Five: Upgrade Your Ownership:

All Successful Performers Embrace:

  • Personal responsibility

  • Owning their outcomes relative to the work put in

  • "Showing Up" when it's not comfortable/motivated/fair weather

  • Controlling what the can control

And they avoid:

  • Helplessness

  • Complaining

  • Assigning Blame

  • Ghosting/Disappearing in Communication

If you want to find your potential in a vibrant physical condition and quality of life... you must upgrade your ownership. It's not about intensity of training. It's about Frequency and Consistency of practicing those skills high performers implement. (This is not about race times and running paces). Progressive Performers inspire the rest of the world of what is possible and attainable through character). They become leaders in their own right.

Installing the Step: For 2 Weeks, commit to acting with an upgraded sense of ownership. Commit to the "Success Behaviors" and eliminate the "Negative Behaviors". Use your daily planning and review how you're doing. Even consider adapting a 'No Complaint' rubber band idea to improve your behaviors.

Note: The Personal Performer Operating System is the foundation for becoming an effective leader and developing a vibrant lifestyle for yourself. Depending on the magnitude of growth you aspire to see to fruition this season, there will likely be significant growth in leadership, character building and habit development required, but being the progressive producer you need to be is your foundation those things are built on.

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