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Newly Added! Weekly Coaching Calls and Win The Week Resources

In an effort to have more conversations with my audience and sharpen my pulse on what weekly barriers are showing up in your journey towards ideal race day preparations, Jack Tiegs and I are going to be hosting weekly coaching calls and providing resources that can be adapted and implemented for all ability levels and racing distances, where applicable.

During these live coaching calls, we will be accessible to set the tone for the call with a relevant training discipline related to all distances in road running and also will be able to respond to direct questions from viewers.

It's an opporunity for runners in the program to ask me anything about the many factors of strong, healthy running/training. Listeners will get guidance on sticky running questions, problem solve unique dynamics, and get easy to execute action steps or options they need to keep moving forward in that vision.

Jeremy Lindquist runs the TRUE FIT MN coaching program for road running events


"My goal is to coach the most passionate community of runners and facilitate an uplifting environment by providing inspiration, motivation and and support for runners at all levels and goals. I care about my clients having great results, however, I want to ensure I am doing everything I can for each athlete regardless of where they're at. My request is that you allow yourself to be open to fall in love with running and are prepared to work on improving this community just simply by trying to grow as an individual.

What you can expect on the coaching calls:

  • Information rooted from research and grounded up-to-date science, no bandwagons or myths.

  • Encouragement from the coaching staff, community members, helpful tips, and empathy for being open about your barriers to your goals.

  • This is community driven. We ask for you to show your face on video and engage in the conversation. Want to recieve notifications on when upcoming coaching calls are happening, email Jeremy at with Coaching Calls in the subject line. I will add you personally. Thank you!

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