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About TrueFIT MN

We believe in dreams. We believe in the power of enduring to live out a dream. To us, a dream is an image of your potential. You may just be lacking the roadmap to embody it now.

When it comes to your fitness dreams, we have the experience, knowledge, and mindset needed to assess, strategize and equip you with all the skills and trust to go out and conquer that dream. 

We work with a very close eye to detail and explain how each aspect of uniqueness you possess can have an effect and can leverage your ability to succeed. We know that you can’t improve fitness until you improve your health. We know when to push and when to rest.

You get to decide what excellence is for you, and we help to get you there.

Jeremy Lindquist-Founder


I’m an endurance coach, personal trainer, husband and dog dad, and an avid athlete. As the founder, I started TRUE FIT MN to empower athletes to break down their barriers and transform dreams into achievements. I love leveraging the science behind training with the art of coaching and developing strategies to make you a better runner. I also believe in making an effort to earn respect by repeatedly providing authentic feedback and guidance, because breaking down barriers is more about having trust in the process and overcoming fear.

Using my experience from more than 11 years of coaching and completing multiple triathlons and ultra-marathons in that time, I teach better than most that any goal is achievable with focus and persistence. 


*NSCA Personal Trainer

*RRCA L1 Run Coach

*USAT L1 Triathlon Coach

*TRX Certified Instructor

*CKTT Kinesiotaping Certified Tech

*RPR L3 practitioner

*Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach

Accomplishments/Goals Achieved:
50+ finishes in events from road races, triathlons, ultra-marathons 
7-time 100-mile endurance run finisher with sub-24 hour personal best.
Youth National Team Champions Coach

  • 15 athletes achieving Boston Qualifier times

  • 6 athletes qualifying at National Championships 

  • 13 athletes getting their first ultra-marathon finishes

  • TrueFitMN
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